the team

Pierre Chanut

Founder and manager of NYMEO
One of the pioneers in name creation in France. Following his education in management and marketing techniques, he set up his first company specialised in name creation in 1986. After 15 years in the NOMEN International group, of which he was a co-founder and partner, Pierre Chanut set up NYMEO in order to be more faithful to his personal and professional convictions with regard to names. Member of ADETEM (French Marketing Association), the AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), CREAFRANCE (French Association for Creativity) and visiting lecturer at Universities and the Grandes Ecoles, this diversity of involvement enables him to provide comprehensive and expert solutions to clients looking for a new approach to naming.


The team

Pierre RAINE
Graphic Design Manager

Co-founder of the "Trois-quarts Face" studio in 1989, which in 1995 became the "BF-15" studio/gallery in Lyon and Monterrey, Mexico. HE returned to Lyon in 2001, and founded the "choc02 - generalist grapics" studio in collaboration with web designer Jean Galland, who is based in Strasbourg.

Elizabeth HARGRETT
Project Manager / Anglo-Saxon Consultant

Background: Lecturer at University of Lyon 2 “Economics and Business”
and Lyon 3 “English, Translation”.
Training: B.A. Linguistics, B.A. History (University of Georgia, USA).

Project Manager / Creative Manager

Background: Lecturer at University of Lyon 3 ”Organizational Creativity”.-Training: ISD International School of Design.

Market Study Manager/ NYMEO: Mining Webmaster

Background: Project manager and web developer.-Training: University Diploma in International Technological Studies. (DUETI).
Master in Web services development University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, UK.-IT professional license


The network

For each new project, a new creative team is formed, and is supervised by a creative manager, and works according to the principles of cooperation, exchange and sharing. Independent creators with multilingual backgrounds are selected for each specific project according to their profile and field (arts, visual or performance arts, sciences, etc). The idea is to open up the ideas and research fields as widely as possible in order to provide in-depth, high-content creative research which will then lead to the presentation of several candidate names.

NYMEO: loyal partners, including 90 translators, independent professionals in fifty languages, residents in the target countries, and specialist consultants are involved in the creation process or consulted in all fields concerned by creative branding: marketing and communication, linguistics, law, graphic design, finance, and so on.