name creation

Name creation must be carried out thoroughly, and is only effective when it is accompanied by market sensitivity, and remains in contact with with our clients’ demands as well as our own. The way in which we support our clients is specifically adapted to each project according to the type of name sought, the size of the company and project (national or international), and has been structured around successful methods that have been carefully refined over the past twenty years.


Defining the profile of the name

Putting your wishes first, NYMEO’s team begins by meeting with our clients to discuss their expectations regarding the naming project, then taking the time to reflect internally on the information that has been ascertained in order to establish a precise profile for the desired name, so that we can quickly and effectively begin our creative research.



Alternating group creative sessions with individual sessions, NYMEO’s creation process follows an itinerary marked out by key stages. Drawing on different tools and diverse resources, our aim is to free up and guide the inventive process over several phases, during which intermediate presentations are given in order to communicate the direction the search is taking and check on the development of the creative process.



During the creative process and its progress to the selection stages, each proposal is analysed and evaluated, then selected, first according to the criteria determined at the time the name profile definition, then using our exclusive legal filter IT application QuestorialTM, and finally through specialized questionnaires designed to evaluate each name in a multilingual and multicultural context. At each stage, NYMEO checks, confirms, and eliminates, always moving towards the most relevant choice.


The choice

NYMEO supports its clients up until the moment final choice is made: through out online collaborative platform NYMEO Mining, recommendations, name analyses, name tests, and industrial property rights. This is our method for success, and we wouldn’t do it any other way.