10 traps to avoid when finding your brand’s name

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Ten traps to avoid when finding your brand’s name

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« Researching and choosing a brand name tends to be an unusual endeavour. It may seem like a fun thing to do, but the unique route that takes you from name to brand is strewn with traps, and the hazards are often not that well-known.
Choosing a trade name is not something that is done every day, and the process of doing so involves a financial and personal investment as well as a certain degree of responsibility, so
there are a few precautions that do need to be taken. This document has been drawn up in order to set out the most common pitfalls, and will help you through the process of researching a name. My job is to create brand names, and these are 10 traps to avoid if you want to successfully find a name for your brand..
Pierre Chanut, Director of NYMEO - Introduction (extract)


« In the journal of Pierre Seghers - member of the Resistance from the outset, and also a poet and editor - Poésie 44, Albert Camus once wrote about the thoughts of his friend Brice Parain in an essay titled On the Philosophy of Expression: “To poorly name an object is to add to the misery of the world”. Camus seems then to have noted, so as to complete the formula : “To poorly name things is to add to the misery of the world”. This, my friends, says it all. Clarity and precision. The quest for a name is a quest for meaning, but it is also – and without a doubt, most importantly – the quest to hit the bull’s-eye. [...]. »
Thierry Renard, poet and editor


The Author
In the 1980s, Pierre Chanut co-founded an international group of companies specialising in brand creation. Pierre Chanut presently runs Nymeo, an independent name creation company. He also speaks and lectures at universities and management colleges.
Pierre Chanut has a real passion for words, letters, alphabets, language and creativity, and he brings his passion to his work - a passion that is obvious from his writings that he regularly publishes on his blog dedicated to brand names.
Today, he brings 25 years’ worth of experience in brand naming to the domain, and the pointers he has provided along the way for name researchers as they search for a name have guided them to the inspiration for new words that go on to become powerful brands.


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