our resources

NYMEO is a heterogeneous human fabric (consultants, artists, scientists) serving a single purpose: to select the best name and seek to make it prominent.

Prizing diversity over than similarity and carrying out the best studies and creations, the resources employed by NYMEO are above all human.

has drawn up a step-by-step creative guide to ensure that nothing is left out during the search for the perfect name: thinking of everything is better than shutting ourselves off within limited perspectives that have lost sight of the basics.

To assist creators, NYMEO has an IT creativity station made up of fifteen or so name composition software programs and international databases of words, roots and voicings.

Finally, NYMEO means guaranteeing that the name is unique, thanks to our consultation and original use of repertoires and databases on protected names; it also means taking into account a variety of languages and cultures through consultation of our correspondents abroad.
Far from frustrating our inspiration, these resources rather allow us to start out along a clearly marked path.