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  • our clients

    NYMEO has created over 1,500 diffrent brands: names for products, services, businesses, company websites, and projects on both a national and international scale.
    You find here the list of our clients; by clicking on a company name, you can see the brands we’ve created for each. For (...)

  • our creations

    For more than 20 years, NYMEO’s team has researched and created more than 1,000 names for various kinds of products, services, companies and websites.
    NYMEO can create names for all activities and sectors, and can adapt to your needs and wishes no matter are the type of name you looking for, (...)

  • products or services names

    Creating an original product, service, company or website name that will resonate with the public - while listening to the client, and taking into account their specific context and organizational strategy - is NYMEO’s priority with each new (...)

  • business names or brands

    The creation of a new name is not just essential to the birth of a company, but also in the change in a company’s branding or structure.
    That’s why NYMEO’s team pays particular attention to this particular process, adapting our methods to each project’s unique context, consulting with internal (...)

  • websites names

    We can create a website name that not only effectively reflects the product, service or company it respresents, but also provides visitors with an original and memorable part of their user experience.
    Our team’s extensive experience in website name creation means that we can work with small, (...)