our specificities

Finding a name that complies with a marketing specifications booklet and that has commercial, legal and international qualities is the least you can expect when calling on a name creation specialist.

But NYMEO goes further: we invent and create original, unique names: neonyms that claim new territory. Our approach is not simply to flick through dictionaries in search of a word that existed before the object to be named, a word whose meaning would already be established. Products and companies must be able to express themselves in the first person singular.
A new product, a new brand, or a new service deserves a new name, an original sound, an unheard voicing.

NYMEO prizes exchange, dialogue, and crossover: all vital mechanisms in creativity. In fact, meetings with our clients are held from the beginning to the end of the creation process in order to integrate the market imperatives, the company personality and deciders’ sensibilities into the research and final choice.

The creation phases, in their development, are exhaustive in order to guarantee that the choice made is as relevant as possible. To achieve this, NYMEO’s wide variety of research media, creative resources and creation tools pinpoint, compose and invent names which will each be studies according to objective criteria before being selected.