Name creation must be carried out with rigor, and is only effective when it is accompanied by market sensitivity, and stays true to our clients’ demands as well as our own.

In the name of the brand, NYMEO prizes exchange, dialogue, and crossover: all vital mechanisms in creativity. In fact, meetings with our clients are held from the beginning to the end of the creation process in order to integrate the market imperatives, the company personality and deciders’ sensibilities into the research and final choice.

And with the name:

Nominal Identity Consulting

NYMEO advises you along the way, assuring that your identity and communication strategies are maintained. Names must fit harmoniously into the architecture and environment that envelop them.

We can ensure, for example, the definition of the brand platform, or  a name breakdown strategy (name architecture), or we can draw up a name identity charter governing the naming of products and services.

Visual Identity Creation

A new trade name marks the launch of a product, service, company or brand. To give you further support in this fundamental stage, NYMEO includes with its services the realization of a visual and graphic identity, inseparable from the name and its acoustic impact. The name is at once a sound and a sign.

In order to ensure coherence between the two aspects, we take your desires and choices into account, and create the name in its most essential forms: sonic and visual.

Survey and Tests

Name analysis: Do you have ideas for a name? NYMEO can evaluate them. The analysis, carried out by a specialist, appraises the commercial characteristics, evocative charge and structure of each possible name, thoroughly investigating each submission’s effectiveness and qualitative potential. With our help, the definitive choice can then be made according to the objective criteria provided.

Name testing: A name finds its full expression upon contact with the public. To ensure a name is favorably received, and its values successfully communicated, NYMEO can test one or more candidate names for you. A study carried out on the project’s definitive and potential targets enables you to come to a decision based on the public’s reactions through the use of preliminary tests, in addition to image or brand awareness surveys.

Brand Name Creation


Creating a trade name is an important act on which the success of the product or service depends, as a good name accelerates success and is also an asset to the company.

Creating a name means composing an original identity with sounds, as a name is above all an association of voicings which subsequently opens up and leads to a meaning, providing an acoustic image. A sound is the primordial vibration directly linked to the person, in which emotions, feelings, images resonate. The way in which we support our clients is specifically adapted to each project according to the type of name sought, the size of the company and project (national or international), and has been structured around successful methods that have been carefully refined.



Putting your wishes first, NYMEO’s team begins by meeting with the clients to discuss their expectations regarding the naming project, then taking the time to reflect internally on the information that has been ascertained in order to establish a precise profile for the desired name, so that we can quickly and effectively begin our creative research.


Alternating creative sessions with names presentations in order to communicate the directions the search is taking, NYMEO’s creation process follows an itinerary marked out by key stages. Drawing on different tools and diverse resources, our aim is  always to free up and guide the inventive process over all phases.


During the creative process and its progress to the selection stages, each proposal is analysed and evaluated, then selected, first according to the criteria determined at the time the name profile definition, then using our exclusive legal filter IT application Questorial™, and finally through specialized questionnaires designed to evaluate each name in a multilingual and multicultural context. At each stage, NYMEO checks, confirms, and eliminates, always moving towards the most relevant choice.

The choice

NYMEO supports its clients during the process of making the final choice: through out online collaborative platform NYMEO Mining, recommendations, name analyses, name tests, and industrial property rights. This is our method for success, and we wouldn’t do it any other way.

Resources and specificities


The creation phases, in their development, are exhaustive in order to guarantee that the choice made is as relevant as possible. To achieve this, NYMEO’s wide variety of research media, creative resources and creation tools pinpoint, compose and invent names which will each be studied according to objective criteria before being selected.

Far from frustrating our inspiration, these resources allow us to start out along a clearly marked path.

Creative Community

For each new project, a new creative team is formed, supervised by a creative manager, and works according to the principles of cooperation, exchange and sharing. The idea is to open up the sources of inspiration and research fields as widely as possible in order to provide in-depth, high-content creative research.

NYMEO Mining

NYMEO has developed an original and secure online participative platform for creatives to work collaboratively and to easily allow clients to get involved in name selection phases wherever and whenever.

Name Creation Software

To assist creators, NYMEO has an IT creativity station made up of fifteen name composition programs.


NYMEO has designed a specific and proprietary software that optimizes the search in professional databases of trademarks, company names, or internet domain names to ensure the name’s uniqueness.


International databases of words, roots and voicings, continuously updated and dedicated to the creation of international names.

Name Bank

Only at the disposal of our creatives, this database of words and names containing over 300 000 names has been maintained since 1988.